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Here at Golden Coast Finance, we focus on the needs of our clients so that the big decisions are easier. Our position is to help you understand every part of the complicated world of mortgages, while providing you with a positive experience. We employ responsible lending practices while remaining on the leading edge of the industry to provide you with the best products available. Call us today or use our easy online application so we can begin delivering on your dreams.

Any company worthwhile has to be centered around a set of core values, and below you will find ours.

A company's growth should not stem from catchy slogans and gimmicky advertising, but by word of mouth.


We can exceed your expectations by keeping our thumb on the pulse of this ever-changing industry.


Being honest with yourself about your daily activities is the best way to ensure you are constantly improving.


Don't fear your own limitless potential! By embracing change and being flexible, you are the future of lending.

Mike Pandazos Golden Coast Finance

Branch Manager | Sr. Loan Officer
Mike Pandazos

NMLS# 302644

For over a decade of experience and mastered knowledge in the mortgage industry, Mike Pandazos has established a five-star reputation in lending throughout all of California. His core values of integrity, growth, and persistence outlines his leadership skills and his devotion to the continuous success of Golden Coast Finance. With his proficiency in various forms of home loans, Mike adapts his expertise towards accomplishing his main mission, and that is offering a first-rate experience to his clients and partners that he works with. Outside of his workspace, he enjoys exploring new destinations, racing cars, and most of all, spending quality time with his beautiful family.

Give Mike a Call Today @ 818.925.8277

Jeff Beadnell

Director, Mortgage Sales and Operations Jeff Beadnell

With over 25 years of experience in the lending industry, I have had the privilege of working with brokers, direct lenders, banks, and credit unions. My career has encompassed originating and executing a wide range of products and program's, including conventional, subprime, government and NonQM. The majority of my time has been spent in leadership and coaching, my true passion! What drives me is the deep satisfaction of helping individuals achieve the American dream of homeownership. It's a journey I've been proud to be a part of throughout my career!

Oscar Dávila Golden Coast Finance

Operations Manager Oscar Dávila

NMLS# 1465151

Oscar Davila is a licensed loan officer and a mortgage specialist from Glendale, CA. With a solid record of accomplishments and extensive involvement in his field, Oscar has developed a deep belief in home ownership which drives him every day. He thrives on meeting and exceeding his clients’ expectations with his personal and consultative approach. The nature of his service coupled with his charisma, dedication, and people skills, make him a unique and valuable asset to his clients.

Aura Chafloque Golden Coast Finance

Loan Partner Aura Chafloque

Aura has served clients with professional advice for their home financing services for over 15 years. Aura prides herself on providing professional, ethical and authentic information with an exceptional level of customer service to all of her clients. She works tirelessly to help her clients with the best choice for their lending needs. Aura understands the responsibility of assisting clients, with such life-changing decisions.

As native of Perú, Aura is skilled to assist Spanish speaking clients. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Business Administration and is constantly building her knowledge within lending. A dedicated mortgage professional, she works diligently to familiarize clients with the entire process and also minimize risks for them. Whether purchasing, renovating a home, transferring a mortgage or refinancing an existing mortgage, Aura is dedicated to finding suitable mortgage solutions for each client’s particular situation. With her years of experience, she is capable of offering the most innovative home financing solutions in the marketplace. Aura looks forward to serving you and your clients achieve financial and homeownership goals!

Arthur Ghevondian Golden Coast Finance

Loan Partner Arthur Ghevondian

Arthur comes to Golden Coast Finance with over 14 years of lending background. He has a long track record of successfully working for Credit Unions, Bank of America and City National Bank. Consistently a top producer, he has worked in every aspect of the industry including compliance, audits, business systems, processing and underwriting. He epitomizes integrity, energy, hard work and determination at the highest level. He comes from an environment of leading, training, and motivating his team associates to be better every day. He’s very excited to be part of Golden Coast Finance and is looking forward to helping the team grow. In his free time he loves to play sports, travel and learn about various cultures.

Rashel Arakisian Golden Coast Finance

Loan Partner Rashel Arakisian

Rashel Arakisian credits her success in the lending side of the real estate industry to a combination of personal experience, mentorship, and a deep sense of purpose. And she’s had plenty of the above in the over 20 years she’s spent in project management and 3 years she’s devoted to residential and commercial real estate and finance.

While working in project management for Warner Bros., Rashel regularly left her comfort zone to go to greater lengths in customer service, data analysis, and troubleshooting to really learn the heights of which she was capable. She learned how crucial perseverance and adaptability were in establishing her track record of success. While navigating challenging environments and leading cross-functional teams through complex projects, Rashel bolstered her extensive skill set. In her quest to learn all there is to know about lending, she’s obtained her real estate license, broker certification, and NMLS license.

Shiela Howard Golden Coast Finance

Loan Partner Shiela Howard

Having worked in the industry since 2003, Shiela Howard has built her reputation for excellence as the preferred lender for an array of high-producing teams. This is largely due to her specialization in highly complex advanced loans including non-QM, Jumbo, and loans for first time homebuyers. Over the decades, she's worked a wide variety of channels in the business, running the spectrum from wholesale to retail. Shiela has even tapped into her expertise to mentor and train junior consultants.

Married for 20 years and with a son attending USC, Shiela cherishes the free time she gets to spend with her family or catching up with friends. She also adores any opportunity to sing!

Vanessa Renderos Golden Coast Finance

Loan Processor Vanessa Renderos

Vanessa Renderos was born and raised in Los Angeles. Throughout the years, she’s had the opportunity to take on various roles in administrative, customer service, and medical positions. Vanessa decided to venture out and take on a new journey as a Loan Counselor for PennyMac Loan Services, where she found her passion for the mortgage industry. She’s excited to join the team and hopes to continue to grow and expand her knowledge here at Golden Coast Finance as a Loan Processor.

David Luna Golden Coast Finance

Loan Processor David Luna

David Luna keeps things simple when it comes to his business philosophy. But it's a creed that has benefited countless families seeking financing over David's 12 years in the business. His belief? SUCCESS IS THE ONLY OPTION. And so, when you trust him with your financing, you know you're in the hands of someone who prioritizes your dream as if it's his own.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, David benefitted from his parents teaching him from a young age to apply himself 100% to everything he did. In his mission to help borrowers achieve the American dream of homeownership, he's found that hard work and persistence truly pay off.

When not helping prospective homebuyers succeed, David can be found on the closest golf course or cheering for the Dodgers, the Lakers, or the Rams.

Marylin Mahmoudi Golden Coast Finance

Marketing Executive Marylin Mahmoudi

Throughout the years, Marylin has built a strong passion in working with clients. In addition to gaining experience in customer service for 9 years, she has developed skills in communication, critical thinking, and writing from her extensive knowledge as a student. As an English graduate from California State University of Northridge, Marylin is thrilled to apply what she has learned and utilize her skills within the marketing field for Golden Coast Finance. Alongside her joy that derives from good client relationships, Marylin loves to dedicate her time to helping her community. With experience as a volunteer at the hospital in the non-invasive cardiology and the maternity department, caring for others has been one of Marylin’s key motives in life. Her ultimate goal is to create powerful and positive relationships with every person that she meets. She loves to spend her time with family and friends, while also enjoying hobbies such as painting, cooking, and writing books.

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